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Why Zetl?

We're a service created for professionals by professionals.

Traditional firms don't understand your business. We do. You don't need to be an accountant to understand our fees.


Your client need never know we funded their invoice. Your invoice, your bank account.

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From invoice submission funds can hit your accounts in 24 hours.

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Guarantees mean you're personally on the hook for company debt. No such worry with Zetl.

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Permanent Placement

We fund invoices on a case-by-case basis. After on-boarding you and your client, you can send your invoices to us for review at any time.

  • Manage short-term cashflow shocks
  • Pay out commissions early
  • Stop worrying if you'll get paid before payroll and rent are due


You send us the signed contract and we'll pay your contractors every billing cycle.

  • Grow your contracting book without financial constraints
  • Your contractors will get paid. Always. No matter how long your client delays payment
  • Have the firepower to compete with the big guys. Pitch for those lucrative mandates.
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